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Carrier Services

We also have a Carrier service that will deliver the load. If the company that is dropping off the load is unable to transport it to the receiver.  The rates are $500 minimum starting for local delivery

Contact Information
Charlotte, NC 28206

“24hr. On Call no appointment needed” facility.  We always have an empty trailer on site for emergency deliveries.  There is a $100 — $500 after hours fee.     Between the hours of 1700 - 0700

Cross Dock, Transload

Unload & loading

Here are Hanton Services we love helping  making someone's day that much easier. With the services we offer we hope to ease someone’s day with our considerably fair prices. It’s a $100 service fee. An to unload & load $20 and up per standardized pallet

Floor loads start at $500 to unload.

To reload floor loads will be same the price of the floor load price given.

This picture (left) is of off- loading

This picture (right) is of onloading.

Loads Rework

Reworking loads is how we give back and extend an olive branch during these tough times. Instead of a receiver refusing a load because it is shifted. They can get it rerouted to us here at HS and we can rework the load for them. The Two pictures located to the right are examples of what a load that has been reworked look like. Top picture without straps is how it was brought to us and the picture with the yellow straps is how we reworked the load so it would not shift inside the trailer during transport. We take pride in what we do and handle all freight with precision and care. At $50 — $300 /pallet can get your load restacked / reworked!


Our warehouse is 10,000 sq ft. With this space. We offer dry storage at $50 — $300/day for load or pellet. After a five day stay. There is a discounted. 

About US

Here at Hanton Services Inc we have 2 divisions: Landscaping  and Warehouse. Our landscaping division doesn't have a lot of moving part like our Trucking division. Our warehouse division has services such as: Carrier service, Truck Parking, Cross dock, Reworking loads, unloading  and loading  trailers, and storage for freight. With these many components we have created a few jobs to help with improving the lives of some in our way of giving back to the community.

DBE, SBA, HUB Certified

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Hanton Services Inc has started non profits to help the community by add support the community with healthy affordable food options form the Community Garden,

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Job Seeking

The Community Venue

Check out The International Community Warehouse for the programs information and updates.

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