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Truck Parking, O.O. Cross Dock
Click the Buy Now link below to reserve your parking spot or dock door.

Daily, Weekend, Weekly, Monthly Truck Parking

$20.00 – $300.00

$20 a Daily 1 day or overnight
$50 a Weekend 2 night 3 days.
$100 a Weekly 6 nights 7 days.
$250 a Monthly for 6 months or more.
$300 a Monthly for month to month.
per parking space.

O.O. Driver Cross Dock and Rework his own load

Driver is allowed to unload the to rework his load and load it back on the trailer with a pallet jack. $200
Also the driver will a one day or overnight pass for parking after the load rework. $free
There is a additional $100 charge for warehouse existence for the rework unload and reload.
Disclosure HS Warehouse is not responsible for the load and the driver health or well-being why on site or in the building

Heading 6
Charlotte, NC 28206
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