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Your Choice Of Lawn Care

Maintenance Pros

While general lawn maintenance is typically done more for aesthetic reasons, leaving your yard unattended can greatly reduce your curb appeal and even lead to other problems down the road. Tree trimming is a necessity not only for keeping up appearances, but also for safety reasons. When tree trimming is a regular part of your overall lawn maintenance, you'll avoid the catastrophic damage that can be caused by unstable branches. Sprinkler systems are a simple solution for many households with lawn maintenance issues. Installing a sprinkler system is a great way to reduce the time and effort good lawn maintenance requires; when properly designed and installed, sprinkler systems can actually reduce the amount of water used on your lawn and garden. By hiring a tree trimming service and  a sprinkler system if necessary, you can greatly enhance your curb appeal, reduce your chances of property damage, and lessen the amount of time you spend on lawn maintenance.

Pool Maintenance
Snow Removal
Pressure Washing
Groundskeeping Services


Lawn & Garden
Mowing lawn, edging, blowing, lawn aeration & etc.

Sprinkler Systems
Repair sprinkler systems & etc.

Stump removal, disease treatment, Shrubs trimming & removal, etc.

Lawn Maintenance

We provide this service for homeowners, HOAs, commercial properties & estates.


LAWN MOWING - On a regularly scheduled, weekly basis, we tend your lawn with properly trained personnel, and appropriate and well-maintained equipment.  This service includes weekly mowing and trimming of all grass areas as well as edging along concrete walks, driveways, and patios, it also includes blowing off of all hard surfaces.




We provide full service landscaping for homeowners, HOAs, commercial properties & estates.  


Landscaping - Install of mulch, pine needles, sod, flowers, and much more. We also offer storm clean-ups. 




Many people envision the word 'Hardscapes' as plain, gray concrete. However, hardscape materials involve so much more. While the term Softscape is often associated with the elements of a landscape that include flowers, shrubs, plants, trees and flower beds which lend character to the landscaping, Hardscape consists of natural stones, and any man made materials with a concrete base. Stacked stone, Flagstone, Boulders, Steps and Walkways, Concrete Pavers, Retaining Walls (Block, Timber, Natural boulders), Dry Creek Beds, Fireplaces and Firepits.

At Hanton Services, we offer a variety of colors, finishes, materials and textures of stone and brick to incorporate into your outdoor barbecue kitchens, planters, fire pits, patio structures and anything else you dream up for your outdoor space.

We believe that every project is unique and the plans, building materials and details should be carefully chosen to suit your individual needs

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